Exams & Evaluation  

There are some similarities as well as differences between the evaluation pattern of Gurukul and the formal school system. The modern evaluation system is always pre-planned with a perfect schedule and even students of standard first know that when are they appearing for the exam. Modern education system offers grade after the exam, but it fails to provide remedy of rectifying mistakes. In ancient Gurkul, the tests were taken without circulating any time-tables and without informing the students. Thus, the guru conducts the exam of the student when he likes to and passively evaluates the skills learnt by the student. In this way, the students in ancient Gurukul appeared for a surprise test without knowing and cleared the exam without any stress of grades. Gurus ensured that students learn perfection and if needed provided new exercises to test the knowledge of students after error rectification process.

Like the present schools, the students at Gurukul are under continuous evaluation by in-house experts, but without the formal communication of the same to students. Sometimes, the experts from outside are also invited to conduct the evaluation of the students. Besides, the students participate in different competitions outside the Gurukul. Recently, 13 students of Gurukul got first and second rank in Gita Shlokas Chanting competition organized by Chinmay Mission, Ahmedabad. One of the students got silver medal in Wrestling during Khel Mahakumbh. These achievements are the certificates of evaluation for the Gurukul education system. Written tests are conducted for various subjects such as Mathematics, Gujarati and Science. The communication of exam is just done before two days, so that the students do not adopt the technique of simple mugging without understanding. Unlike the formal schools, here, the students are not assigned marks or grades. If the student makes a mistake somewhere, they are guided as to how to avoid the mistakes in future. The purpose of the written test is to correct the student rather than giving the score.