Eligibility & Course Duration

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Age of the child is one more parameter for the admission of the student. As mentioned before, in the present education system, the children start going to the pre-primary school at the tender age of three years or even below that. At this age, the children need the love and affection of their parents and may not prefer to be put up in the unfamiliar setup and strict environment. On the contrary, off the record competition and pressure is put on the child by ambitious and competition fearsome parents, even before he or she enters the pre-primary section. In fact the fancy towards the playgroups attracts the parents to admit their ward at an early age of two years, so that it opens the gate of admission to the dream school. It is very noteworthy that Lord Shree Krishna was eleven years old when he went to Gurukul. Gotirth Vidyapeeth also follows the traditional practice of the Gurukul. Here, the student gets admission at the age of eight years if he or she wants to be admitted in the residential school of the Gurukul. However, it is not compulsory for the child to opt for the residential programme. At present out of 50 students, 35 students are staying in Gurukul and studying. Those who are staying nearby may not opt for the residential facility. These children may be enrolled at the age of five and half or six years. Their parents or guardians will have to come to drop and pickup their wards from the Gurukul. At present, 15 students are commuting to the centre from nearby areas. They have to come at 6:30 A.M. in the morning and stay till 7:30 P.M. in the evening.

Gurukul provides training for the period of approximately 12 years. Hence, a student who is admitted at the age of eight years will be trained till he or she turns 20, which is equivalent to the age of attaining Under-Graduate Level Degree in today‟s modern education system.