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Gotirth Vidhyapeeth has very Good Learning Environment for the learners to learn.
10 मार्च, 2023 by
Gotirth Vidyapeeth

Gotirth vidhyapeeth has a very good learning environment for the learners to learn.

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The management, Principal and the staff of the institution are committed to the cause of education.

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It is in a place of calm with natural beauty.

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We have observed that the life skills are interwoven with the curriculum of the learning environment.

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Happy faces were seen who were involved in the shloka recitation, playing flute, classical nritya learning, being self-sufficient as were doing all the work on their own.

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Moreover, we could feel the SANATAN sanskriti in all the activities of the teachers and learners.

The dedication and creativity of the teachers were amazing.

We are also involved in similar activities of creating a community of Responsible Independent, Self-reliant, Honest and Esteemed Youth.

We are working for the learners from the underprivileged backgrounds where we are trying to developcitizens citizens for the strong nation.

We are very happy to see the vedic education system, developing multi-dimensional life and scientific approach among the learners in your Gurukul.

Gotirth Vidyapeeth 10 मार्च, 2023
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